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How to play Yamato-cho

Thing in 2016 made with hassaku orange festival University

Large made thing- - that large made thing parades with wish of staple grains abundant harvest of the inherited skill and soul


   Large made thing photograph               (as for ◆, group of combination name, the lower part of photograph become title.)  

◆Shimoichi allianceShimoichi now therefore 2016, Yamatomachi [gold medal]

Class association of Urakawa Urakawa

"Dragon of the protection that, please revive" [silver medal, large made thing award]


◆Class association of Okawacho lower OkawaOkawacho, lower Okawa

Seal catfish [bronze medal]

◆Group of combination in Shinmachi

Under Shinmachi

seishokosannonamazu extermination (Prince Kiyomasa)


◆It is group of combination in NakachoIn Nakacho

We abolish bad luck and form with good luck! We appear in Fuki (revival) giraffe Yamato-cho!

Group of Nakacho lower combination

Nakacho bottom

Yamato-cho nikoi carp


◆Group of Gebao combinationGebao

Future to tie bond, bear person of smile

◆Group of Suidocho, Shinmachiue, Shiromi-cho combinationIn Suidocho, Shiromi-cho, Shinmachi
Monkey (relationship) of nimbus (good luck)


◆Yabe Elementary SchoolYabe Elementary School

yabeon "spirit smile peace"

◆Yabe High SchoolYabe High School

Mon that I protect Kumamoto


◆Yamato-cho government office

Yamato-cho government office
War ushinsai (bullfighting)



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