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tsujunkyo (drainage)
Stone bridge "tsujunkyo" through water
Under image preparations
Authority of moisture building of rainbow
Sedge Tanada
Sedge (fix) village forest restaurant
Bamboo-and-paper umbrella pine of Ikejiri
Bamboo-and-paper umbrella pine (from one of Ikejiri Kasamatsu) of Ikejiri
Circular diverted water
Circular diverted water (enkeibunsui)
Communal lodge "tsujunsanso"
Clear stream building
Clear stream building TEL: 0967-82-3311
Monkey ka castle camping village
Monkey ka castle camping village (※ shut Muranaka) TEL: 0967-72-1222 Access road becomes impossible of traffic by heavy rain disasters such as typhoons. Road…
Imuta Heights campground
Imuta Heights campground TEL: 0967-82-3210